How to Make Facebook Without Email 2015

How to Make Facebook Without Email 2015
Assalamualaikum facebook lovers, on this occasion I will give How to Make Facebook Without Email 2015.Tahukah buddy? that Facebook is one of the most popular sites on facebook dunia.Pengguna in Indonesia continues to increase, until now facebook users in Indonesia has reached millions of people and will continue to increase with concomitant berjalanya waktu.Kalau not one I have ever read on the website to review on facebook described in these sites that Indonesia is ranked second world largest after amerika.Banyak facebook users all the functions facebook like chat with other people and get to know many people who sebelumnyabelum ever known, for it for my friend who already have facebook do not get fooled ya sobat.Selain facebook that we can use to learn as I’ve come across in the facebook group for the study and promotion of my blog.Menurut there bebarapa ways to create facebook account cara membuat facebook, the first way is to use email and the second way to use numbers that I gave tutorial telepon.Dalam This time I will make an account on for faster and easier, but my friend does not need to worry because it is tantamount to facebook that we access in pc.Jadi friend does not have to worry about facebook in the tutorial that I give this time. For more details, please follow the steps below:

How to Make Facebook Without Email 2015 cara membuat group facebook

Open facebook by clicking here
Put your first name.
Enter the last name.
Enter the phone number or e-mail (if my friend does not have an email using the phone number / hp)
Select the sexes.
Furthermore, set the date of birth (day, month, and year).
Then enter your password and click sign up buddy.
If there is a message Is this your phone number, click This is a cell phone number and enter a code that will be sent to the mate hp (check drug hp).

How to Make Facebook Without Email 2015

Next input the code and click send.

How to Make Facebook Without Email 2015

after that you will be notified replace photos and find friends, if my friend wants to replace the photo click browse -> input image -> and click simpan.Bila friend does not want to install the profile photo now please click through.
Finally facebook has selasai made.

Similarly How to Make Facebook Without Email 2015, somoga helpful for my friend is still unclear sobat.Jika can be asked through blog comments available under ini.Setelah buddy have a facebook account, my friend could update with its unique status makes writing upside down in facebook.Terima you for visit relatives.

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